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Thanks to everyone who has been so kind in supporting my work after it was pulled from the show.


“Dilek O'Keeffe's print – Consumerism 2 Talent – seems to suggest the reason behind Kylie Minouge's fame is her behind”


“ Summer at the RA” “that forms part of a work chin-strokingly entitled Consumerism 2 .”
“ Sexy Kylie's got Botti-celli ” “ POP princess Kylie Minogue's bottom is such a work of art …….. part of a work called Consumerism 2 by Dilek O'Keefe."
“How Kylie's rear erases the RA's chocolate box reputation” “Kylie Minogue's famous bottom features in a photographic print by London artist Dilek O'Keefe”
“ Kylie Minogue's famous bottom forms part of one of the key exhibits at the prestigious annual Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. The photograph of the singer, taken from her Spinning Around video, is part of a work called Consumerism 2 by Dilek O'Keeffe.”

After completing my Fine Art Degree course at City & Guilds of London Art School in 2002, I was selected for the “Best of New British Graduates” by the Beatrice Royal gallery and showed at the Battersea Art Fair. The following year one of my works was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show, which got international attention as well as interviews – from Rolling Stone to the BBC.

Although I mainly paint in oils on canvas I also use computers and photography extensively either as sketching tools or to produce digital works in their own right. When I create my paintings I try to make sure it's about our times and has a fresh look to it. Mostly, I get inspired from contemporary life and visual media. I paint in layers so the surface is flat. I think this compliments the fact that I use photographs or computer prints as starting point.

For me personally the action of painting itself is most rewarding. I tend to paint different imagery and genres in parallel rather then work in series. But I hope my use of strong colours is apparent in all of them. Perspective, spirituality, illusion, lights, politics or consumerism have all been subject of my work so far. Some give me hope, some I just love the look of it. And I hope with some I provoked and made few ripples.


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